Top 10 Free Keyloggers for Android to Prevent Spying

With internet being accessible to people very easily and 24/7 these days, we have a lot of possibilities opened up to us. Old people, children and people from every age group alike are now able to access the internet on various devices, and that opens a whole new world of possibilities to them. However like every other thing, Internet has its misuses too. When in the wrong hands, Internet can be misused and when it comes to children, you have to be extra careful. They can be misled on the internet, and thus, it is very important to keep an eye on their activity. But since it is not possible to be physically present with them 24/7, other methods have been devised that let you know what your kids are up to on their devices. One type of apps that lets you do this are keyloggers.

Wondering what keyloggers are?

Keyloggers are software or spyware that record or log every keystroke you make on a device, usually to an encrypted file. The information can be saved or sent to you at the moment. Wondering where to get some for your Android device? Here are the top 10 free keyloggers for Android:

1. Shadow


This free Android keylogger is very simple to use and yet effective. Just download it from the Google Play Store or download the keylogger apk. Once you have the app installed on your or someone else’s phone, you just have to sit back and relax. It can be a very effective tool if you want to make sure your children or a dear one is not indulging in some bad activity or you can also install it on your phone to make sure no one misuses your phone. Once you activate Shadow, you can then access all information regarding the user’s activity on the phone including the keystrokes he made, the apps he accessed, the time for which they used these apps and much more.

You can download the Shadow keylogger for Android by clicking on this link.

2. Custom Keyboard

custom keyboard

This free cell phone keylogger is very efficient in recording the user’s activity. The app hides its icon 5 minutes after installing so nobody can find out about it. Once you have it running on a phone, it will then record every keystroke you make on the phone its installed on. Not only that, but it will also record and display the details for every call made to or from the phone after the app has been installed. However, only 5 calls are listed in the free version of this app.

3. Text Monitor

text monitor

Not exactly a keylogger app but this app solves the same purpose. Install it on the target phone and you will then be able to access all messages including SMS, MMS and even call logs and emails to Gmail at any later time. The app is fairly simple to install and use. No sign up or registration is required. Just install the app and start using. Not only that, all the information on this app is saved just on your phone and not on any server anywhere.

You can download the Text Monitor for Android by clicking on this link.

4. Text Tracker

text tracket

Another app that serves the same purpose as a keylogger app, the Text Tracker lets you keep an eye on the target phone’s incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS, and calls. As this is not technically a keylogger app, the icon for this app will show up in the icon tray. You can also keep a record of the email sent to the target phone using Gmail. Just enter the Gmail ID and you should be good.

You can download the Text Tracker keylogger for Android by clicking on this link.

So this was our article about the top 10 free keyloggers for Android? Have some more keyloggers that you think should have been featured? Get talking in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates.