Top 7 Cool Lock Screens for Android

Android smartphones really picked up the pace in the last decade and since then, the number of Android users has been increased exponentially. As compared to other common mobile OS such as Windows and iOS, Android has the advantage of being customizable to an extent that no other OS can. You can customize almost anything in Android that makes it such a great hit amongst the people and developers as well.

One thing that is customized more than anything in Android smartphones is the lock screen. You can choose from a variety of options to unlock your phone some of which are gesture lock screen, pattern screen lock, swipe lock screen and many others. However, this is not all. With the help of some cool lock screen apps available on the Play Store, you can add more features to your lock screen.

So here are the top 7 cool lock screens for Android smartphones:

1. Lock Master – DIY Lock Screen

Lock Master

One of the best and the only DIY lock screen in this list, Lock Master – DIY Lock Screen provides you with some quirky and fun ways to unlock your screen. As the name suggests, the DIY lock screen app is one of the best lock screen apps that lets you make your own lock screen. Instead of the standard plain pattern screen download, Lock Master lets you unlock the screen in much more interesting ways such as pump loading a shotgun or playing a ukulele. Not only that, but you can also choose apps and widgets to open right from the lock screen which will be displayed in a vertical manner to the right of the screen. A cool lock screen that is a must download for all the people who want a lock screen with their own touch to it.

Download the Lock Master for free from the Play Store.

2. Echo Notification Lock Screen

echo notification

Other than just providing you with just a security pattern lock download, the Echo Notification lock screen does much more. The main highlighting feature of this minimalistic yet cool lock screen is the notification grouping. The app automatically categorizes different notifications into categories based on their usage like work, media, social, etc. and then displays the notifications in their respective categories. At the same time, this doesn’t compromise with your notifications. You will be able to see the whole notifications at all time. One of the cool lock screens that offer much more than your stock pattern screen lock.

Download the Echo Notification lock screen for free from the Play Store.

3. C Locker Pro

C clock pro

The only paid lock screen app that we have featured in our list; C Locker Pro definitely deserves a spot on this list of good lock screens. Offering a number of premium features, C Locker Pro is one of the few cool lock screens that offer improved functionality from the lock screen itself. We say so because C Locker Pro lets you create lock screen profiles and not just that, you can choose from 30 apps and widgets to display on your lock screen. You can also choose apps specific to each lock screen profile, and the apps you choose will be displayed when that profile s active. Talking about security and privacy, you have the standard methods of unlocking available including the pattern screen lock. To go with that, you can also turn on the feature to click a photo using the front camera of the person who unsuccessfully tries to unlock your phone. Do we need to mention any more reasons to include this one on our list of cool lock screens?

Download the C Locker Pro from the Play Store.

4. AcDisplay


One of the few cool lock screens for people who a minimalistic UI pattern screen lock, AcDisplay is one lock screen that we suggest everyone should try out. What it basically does is that displays your notifications in the form of small, neat floating bubbles which show a glimpse of the notification. In order to view the notification in detail, hold down on the bubble. Once you’re done viewing it from the lock screen, just swipe down the bubble to dismiss the notification. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Another feature in the AcDisplay that makes it one of the best pattern screen lock is that it uses the proximity sensors on your phone to make out whether your phone is in your pocket and turns the screen on and off automatically.

Download the AcDisplay for free from the Play Store.

5. Next Lock Screen

Next Lock screen

Microsoft has been trying to set foot in the Android Play Store with numerous apps and launchers and now we have a cool lock screen from then named Next Lock Screen. This lock screen adds some pretty cool additions and modifications to the standard pattern screen lock while being secure at the same time. To start with, Next Lock screen has this cool feature where it tries to figure out the app you’d want to use after unlocking the screen by studying patterns about the apps you use at particular places and time and then displays them on the lock screen itself. This saves time and effort and if not that, this feature is just smart. As smart as this feature may be, this is not the only good part about the Next lock screen. The notifications are displayed in a neat fashion on the lock screen from where you can also access a number of apps and widgets.

Download the Next Lock Screen for free from the Play Store.

6. Semper: Learn Vocabulary


Taking a standard pattern screen lock and adding a small quiz to it makes it a cool lock screen. Semper is a live example of this. This lock screen lets you unlock the phone but before that, you’ll have to answer a small quiz question. You can choose to skip the question if you’re in a hurry but most of the times when we’re unlocking our phone for not an emergency situation, taking this small quiz can be fun. Not only fun, but you can also actually learn a new language with Semper. There are about 50,000 packs available for more than 50 languages, so you have a whole lot to choose from.

Download Semper for free from the Play Store.

7. Next News Lock Screen

next news lock screen

The purpose of the Next News lock screen is pretty evident from the name itself. What this lock screen does is that it displays a news board on your lock screen based on your interests. You can then choose to read the content or bookmark it and save it to read later. You can also swipe right or left to get more content to read or swipe down to refresh and get a new load of recent news.

Download the Next News Lock Screen for free from the Play Store.

So this was our list of the top 7 cool lock screens for Android. Leave any comments or queries in the comments below and stay tuned for more.