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How to Wear Wireless Earbuds?

As a music lover, it is not out of place to listen to your favourite music with earbuds. These electronic sound-enhancing devices are designed to bring the best out of your music and enjoy both the lyrics and sound of your favourite music.

Sometimes, though, many earphone users complain of lack of satisfaction from using their earphones. They complain that their earphones drop out easily or don’t actually fit. Well, if you share a similar experience with that group of people, you may be wearing your earbuds incorrectly. How can you wear your earbuds correctly and optimize the benefits the device offers?

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How to Wear Wireless Earbuds Correctly?

  1. Check for “L” and “R” labels

Sometimes, this problem may arise from using the wrong side of the bud for each ear side. For instance, an earbud comes with speakers that are designed for both the right and the left ears respectively. The speakers are appropriately marked for ease of recognition and to allow a user use them rightly.

It is imperative, then, that you look for the markers on a particular earbud before using it. These are usually marked “L” and “R” for the left speaker and the right speaker respectively. To avoid making your earbud underperform, insert each speaker into the appropriate ear. On the other hand, if such marking is absent, then, you can use the device however you want and insert the speakers into your ears according to your preference.

  1. Hook the buds into your ears

After identifying the right bud for each ear, hook the buds into your ears. Insert the buds in your ear by carefully hooking the bud into your ear holes. While doing this, look at the plastic stem that connects the bud to the wire and see to it that it lines up in a similar direction with your jawline. Be cautious here. Don’t push the buds into your ear canals to prevent doing untold damage to your ear canal.

  1. Loop them from behind your ear

Looping an earbud behind your ear and let it go down and keep a part of the cord to be positioned over your ear can save you a lot of stress when using one. Rather than wear the earbud carelessly, wear it as shown in the picture below. That will prevent the buds from falling off your ear while using them. The upper part of your ear will keep them firmly placed and thus allow the piece to be firmly placed in your ear. This is how to wear earphones without any fuss.

  1. Check the accessories

Earbuds are known for their penchant for falling off from the ears. While exercising or doing physical work, the buds may fall out of your ears without any prior warning. If you experience this after taking all the necessary precautions and wearing the earbuds as suggested above, the bud’s accessories may be responsible for that. For a firm stay, ensure that you use the most appropriate accessories for your earbuds. That increases your chances of getting rid of whatever causes the falling off of the buds.

  1. Create your personal fit

If you crave the best sound output, you should pay close attention to the sleeves. An earphone that seems not to have the right bass may have an issue with the sleeve. To correct that anomaly, pay attention to the tightness of the seal between your ear and the earbud.

Different earphone models are known to come with different sleeve options too. It is advisable that you experiment with the sleeves that come with your fit kit and pick the one that offers you maximum comfort.

  1. How to connect to a listening device

How you connect your earbud to a listening device also has a direct bearing on how you wear it. These tips will help you get the best output from the listening device you want to connect to:

  • Reduce the volume of the listening device before connecting your earbud to it.
  • Connect the earbud to the device’s output jack.
  • Finally, insert the earphone into your ears by following the methods discussed above for the best result.

How to use Apple earbuds like a pro?

When Apple rolled out its earbuds (renamed earpods in 2010), it came out with tons of attractive features. Despite the tons of promises made by the company, many consumers still find it challenging to wear their Apple earbuds properly. This is how to wear your Apple earbuds like a pro.

While the speaker is in a backward position, you can insert the earpods into your ears. This will enhance the bass sound while the treble is slightly reduced. With a little tweaking here and there, you may succeed in finding the right position that will give you a balance between the treble and bass.

Keep it clean

Maintaining your wireless earbuds is a critical part of wearing your wireless earbuds well. The goal of wearing your earbuds rightly is to boost its performance and ensure it serves you to your satisfaction. Keeping it clean will help you achieve the same goal. How do you go about that? This is how to wear wireless earbuds right:

  • Prevent the accumulation of moisture in the earbud’s nozzle. The accumulation will have a negative impact on the sound quality.
  • Don’t drop the unit. This may result in damaging the earphone from extreme shock.
  • Use a wax removal tool to clean the nozzle whenever you observe a buildup in the device.
  • Always remember to clean the sleeves regularly. Soapy water or mild antiseptic will be
  • Before you clean the nozzle, detach the sleeves from the earphone.
  • If you feel constant discomfort whenever you use the earbud, stop using it.
  • Be safety conscious. Don’t wear an earphone when operating machinery. It may lead to an occupational

Wear your earphone like a pro with these tips. That will help you optimise the benefits of the earphone and will serve you for long.