Top 10 Web Browsers for Mac 2016

We all know MacBook is one of the best laptops available in the market if not the best. Be it for the build quality, graphic processing capability, performance or the sheer beauty with they are built, a MacBook can surpass most other laptops in any way possible. That is the reason why so many people including many students and professionals use these laptops from Apple to work through their day to day and professional life.

Now whether you’re a student or a professional, one thing that you’ll be using for sure is the internet browser on your Mac to access the internet. Most of us work on the internet, and if you don’t have the right browser, the internet browsing experience can be a trauma. To keep that trauma away, we have compiled a list of the top 10 web browsers of 2016 for Mac. So let’s have a look.

1. Apple Safari

safari browser

Coming from the same company as the MacBook itself, the Apple Safari is, without doubt, the best internet browser for Mac. The browser is optimized to work with Apple devices and MacBook being one of them, allowing for a wonderful experience while you browse the internet. The compatibility between the device and the browser allows you to save battery while you browse the web for long periods of time all thanks to the JavaScript engine used here. Compared to other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, Safari allows you to use the internet for two more hours and watch Netflix videos for up to 4 more hours. All this is browsing the internet while being completely safe thanks to Sandboxing makes safari one of the most secure browsers for Mac.

You can download Safari for your Mac from here.

2. Google Chrome

Google chrome

Being one of the most used web browsers across various platforms including Windows, Linux, Android and MacOS Google Chrome doesn’t need any introduction. We all know how capable this simple yet effective web browser is. Chrome has made its way into our list of top 10 web browser for Mac for one simple reason: the minimalistic interface. Chrome is one of the easiest browsers to use, and that makes it a popular choice for everyone. At the same time, Chrome doesn’t compromise with the browsing experience. The incorporation of Google DNS makes the exchange of data between your device and the network fast providing for a better user experience. If you’re not satisfied with your current browser for Mac and are looking for a better internet browser, we suggest you give Chrome a try.

You can download Google Chrome for your Mac from here.

3. Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefox

Hugely popular for its add-ons and providing an ad-free web user experience, Mozilla Firefox is undoubtedly one of the best web browsers for Mac. If you use your web browser for Mac for working, there is a high chance that you will need to do a number of things that are not possible in a browser and that is where add-ons come to a rescue. They allow you to do things that browsers can’t normally do, and Firefox has millions of add-ons for you to choose from. Another feature that makes Firefox a participant in the top 10 internet browsers list for Mac is its ability to process a large amount of data without crashing. This means you can now surf heavy websites and carry out transactions without having to worry about the browser crashing. Mozilla Firefox truly deserves a place in best internet browser for Mac list.

You can download Mozilla Firefox for your Mac from here.

4. Opera Browser


One of the best internet browsers for Mac, Opera browser is one of the most used browsers across various platforms including Mac. Opera browser is full of features some of which include Opera Turbo for slow internet connections and faster browsing, over a 1000 extensions to personalize, safe browsing and a simple and easy to use user interface. You can also login to your Opera account across various device to have access to your bookmarks and history on the go. This one truly deserves a spot on the list of top 10 web browsers for Mac.

You can download Opera browser for your Mac from here.

5. Torch Browser


Clearly the most versatile browser to have made it to this list, the Torch browser is, without a doubt, the best internet browser for Mac for all the people who want to do more than just simple browsing. Torch allows you to do more than that. The long list of features that Torch browser boasts of includes downloading any media files downloading torrents, play videos, listen to music, play games and design your Facebook profile and you don’t need any extension or special app for this. Torch browser allows you to do all this without having to install any add-ons or extensions. Although you can install all of Chrome’s extension to Torch Browser too. Do we need to mention any more reasons to include Torch browser in our list of top 10 web browsers?

You can download Torch browser for your Mac from here.

6. Maxthon Cloud Browser


As the name suggests, Maxthon Cloud Browser is a browser that makes use of its cloud service to sync data between various devices that you use the browser on. Not only that, but you can also share content with your friends through the Maxthon Cloud service which makes sharing stuff on the go a lot easier. Not only that, but you can also push data from one device to another using the Maxthon Cloud browser. So if you are looking for a browser to use on your Mac and other devices as well, Maxthon Cloud browser is the one in this list of top 10 web browsers for Mac.

You can download the Maxthon Cloud browser for your Mac from here.

7. Camino Browser


Bearing striking resemblance to the Firefox, Camino browser is another browser that we couldn’t afford to miss in this list of top 10 web browsers for Mac. Unfortunately, support for Camino has been discontinued in the recent past, and updates are no longer being rolled out for the browser, but that doesn’t make it any worse. The last version of Camino is also a pretty good browser to use with in-built ad blocker and a simple to use yet effective user interface.

You can download the Camino browser for your Mac from here.

8. OmniWeb Browser


The only browser in this list of the top 10 web browsers to be available exclusively for Mac, OmniWeb browser, is one of the best and most secure browsers for Mac. Offering a similar window and UI as all other browsers, OmniWeb is very easy to use and require no time getting used to. Being an exclusive Mac browser, this browser boasts of some interesting features. To begin with, the bookmarks in the OmniWeb browser display small thumbnails instead of just plain text which is quite useful. You can also create shortcuts to any website. The browser works flawlessly without any twitches. A must try for all Mac users.

You can download the OmniWeb browser for your Mac from here.

9. RocketMelt Browser


A browser with a mission, the RocketMelt browser is mainly meant for all the people out there who like to be on Facebook in their web browser while doing other stuff. We say this because RocketMelt takes Facebook integration to a whole new level. The moment you install this browser, you will be asked to login with your Facebook credentials for integration. You have a dedicated Facebook chat service, pop-up notification and a share button on the taskbar to share anything to your Facebook profile in a jiffy.

You can download the RocketMelt browser for your Mac from here.

10. Flock Browser


Shifting from being based on Firefox to now being based on Chrome, Flock browser now offers improved speeds and a minimalistic UI. Incorporating Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Flock now allows you to access three popular news feeds without having to install additional add-ons or extensions. The move to shift from Firefox to Chrome has also meant improved speeds and fewer data consumption at the same time.

You can download the Flock browser for your Mac from here.

I hope you liked the list of 10 best web browsers for Mac.