10 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters

YouTube is the go-to site for billions of people for the best tutorial videos, music videos, and what have you. Due to the huge collection of videos on this video-viewing site, you can spend hours on end watching a video after the other.

The story can be a bit different when you want to watch YouTube videos when the Internet connection is not reliable or when you are offline for whatever reason. In either case, watching videos on YouTube is impossible.

However, you can convert YouTube videos to the more popular MP3 to enable you to watch your favourite videos when online. In this post, we are going to share a list of the best YouTube to MP3 converters you can use for converting YouTube videos to MP3.

10 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters

  1. Free YouTube Downloader

Free YouTube Download is a great converter from the stable of DVDVideoSoft. This safe YouTube to MP3 converter has a whopping 25 video conversion options to choose from. The tool also assures you of automatic file conversion when you are through with downloading the video you wish to convert.

With an attractive user interface that is equally self-explanatory, you have an efficient converter for converting your YouTube videos to MP3 for your viewing pleasure.

You can choose your preferred export option from the File Format menu. Select your downloading option and click “Download” when you are through. That will trigger the automatic conversion of the video.

  1. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a versatile converter that is efficient for downloading and converting files from YouTube, Vimeo, CDs, and the rest. The interface comes with tooltips that will explain the functions of all the menus.

If you want to convert a video, you can drag the video directly from your Firefox or Chrome browser or use the regular converting technique. To enhance the performance of this converter, it has tons of extra software incorporated into it. It is not surprising that the converter is one of the best YouTube to MP3 converters.

  1. YTD Video Downloader

This safe YouTube to MP3 converter can be used for downloading videos from popular sites such as DailyMotion, Facebook, and YouTube. In addition to downloading, it can also convert such videos to popular video formats such as MOV, MP3, AVI, and the likes.

What makes it more unique is the ability to automatically resume downloading if there is a temporary break in Internet connection.  It also comes fully equipped with built-in editors for editing your videos after conversion.

  1. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

This is another powerful converter produced by DVDVideoSoft. You can use this amazing YouTube video converter to rip audio from videos to enable you to save the audio to your PC. What is more, you can choose the conversion option of your choice.

You can keep multiple files on a queue for conversion to make it easy to convert many videos promptly. The interface will keep you updated about the files to be converted as they are displayed on the converter’s interface.

You can use the options menu to automatically shut down your PC once the converter has done its job.

  1. aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher has continued to woo YouTube users with its ability to easily convert YouTube videos to MP3 at the speed of light. The safe YouTube to MP3 converter supports a wide range of formats such as FLV, MPG, AVI, WMV, MP4, and some other formats.

The installation process for this converter is pretty simple. Once you download and install the converter, you will be presented with a grid reminiscence of Windows 10. You can choose the appropriate conversion option from the grid and have your YouTube video converted immediately by this reliable YouTube to MP3 converter. Once you choose your preferred format, drag the files you want to convert to the converter. Then, initialise the conversion process by right-clicking Start.

  1. ClipConverter

ClipConverter is another conversion app you should check out. Its amazing features allow users to convert videos to MP3 in addition to being used to download videos and record them.

In addition to YouTube, you can equally use this app on Vimeo and other video-sharing services. The converter allows you to watch your favourite YouTube videos even while offline via your PC, TV, or other gadgets.

You also have the pleasure of converting your YouTube video into different formats such as MP3, AAC, OGG, 3GP, and AVI if you desire with the best YouTube to MP3 converter.

  1. Convert2mp3

This converter’s name has said it all. This is another converter that is ideal for Windows users and ranks among the best YouTube to MP3 converter apps. To make the converter available to potential users, registration is not a prerequisite for using the converter. It is extremely fast while converting videos to MP3.

You can use the converter to convert YouTube videos into, not only MP3, but to other formats such as AVI, OGG, WMA, WMV, AVI, and what have you. The converter also supports Clipfish, Dailymotion, and Vevo.

  1. Free Studio

This is the third converter from DVDVideoSoft on this list. Free Studio is a free converter with some awesome features that include easy conversion of videos into different formats.

Its simple user interface makes it easy to download videos from via the converter before eventually converting the downloaded video to MP3. Aside from YouTube, the reliable YouTube to MP3 converter also supports Instagram, DailyMotion, Niconio, and Coub.

  1. AVS Video Converter

The AVS Video Converter is a giant among video converters, a reliable YouTube to MP3 converter. The converter is designed to convert videos to MP3, share videos to the web after conversion, make customized DVD videos or Blu-ray, as well as manage camera videos.

Recently, the converter has been upgraded and includes features that make it the ideal converter for converting video for a wide range of devices. You can count on this converter to make your YouTube video conversion easy and fast.

  1. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a unique converter with almost a hundred million users. For 8 years, this powerful and efficient converter was regarded as the best converter. The converter allows you to convert YouTube videos into hundreds of formats such as AVI, DVD, MP4, and MP3, among others. This makes it one of the best YouTube to MP3 converters.

You are free to use the converter at any time because users are not restricted by a specific number of trials. What is more, it is absolutely free.

When contemplating getting the best converter for converting your YouTube videos to MP3, this is a list of the top10 best YouTube to MP3 converter app you can choose from. Most of them are free and offers you the opportunity to convert into a wide range of formats.