Best GBA Games for Kids

Remember all those childhood memories that you have made with your friends and family while playing all those memorable games like Pokemon, Mario and all those that have kept you mesmerized for long. Want to recall all those memories when you have tried your best to exceed the life of your Mario or was so overwhelmed when she wins the princess after 8th round, here is the way- GBA games. GameBoy Advance is among the most fun games liked by all age groups and above all are legally accepted. The first and foremost thing is it only supports Android Phones, and one cannot play them over iPhone.

GBA Games

Versatility of GBA games

GBA games were not only designed by keeping in mind all those memories but also those changing scenario that cannot be faced without indulging innovation. The fun GBA games are a fantastic run. GBA games are among few systems that managed to sustain themselves among top ones of this list through their good GBA games. Gameboy Advance games are one step ahead, and any game lover could easily feel its legacy living in stealthily among all its fans.

Good GBA Games library

It has come up with several Game BoyAdvance games that had easily graced the portable system. GameBoyAdvance system of designing games had given new looks to several traditional video games. A list of few most popular best GBA games is mentioned below:

1. Mario Golf

It is one of the best GBA games download two ties that had recorded almost maximum download in less time. Mario had always remained favorite of almost all video game lovers and adding golf with this character somewhere turns this game more fanatic. GNA had almost tried to put all the best possible feature of GameCube game and had shrieked the whole set of fun under the name. Though it was confined to 2D, still it succeeded in touching that extreme point of success.

2. Yoshi’s Island- Super Mario Advance 3

This is among the best GBA games designed on the 2D platform. There are so many new features that are added to this game to add more ideas to it. It is an incredible conversion in a traditional list and surely a great hit!

3. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire

Pokémon is one of the most authentic and popular names to be taken on this list. The first updated that has happened in this game with Ruby and Sapphire had pushed it to the top 10 series easily. This game is designed by keeping in mind the youngsters, and they are enjoying the advanced version of this game. You may not enjoy the audio and visual impact much, but when it comes to the game, it is best.

4. Four Swords and Link the past- Zelda’s Legend

“A link to the past” is the most popular gaming segment and it has started the series of games where the mainstay of two worlds was there providing possibility where Link could travel. The link was the main character with pink hair. It is one of the best games that had left an everlasting impression on the gamers mind with the most adventurous plots. The character continues to be the owner of Zelda titles. Here as a bonus you get the option of choosing from multiplayer. As the name suggests, “Four swords” you can team up to three players to beat the Vaati. The more links are because of the magic of Four Sword and could be called as the true replica of the first one!

Enjoy more with best GBA games download two ties and multiply your fun with the innovation added to it now and then!