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10 Best Mixer Grinders in India

It is not easy to run a home without using home appliances now a day as everyone is busy with such a hectic schedule, to make work easy various kitchen appliances are available in the market. They make life a lot easier with their use.

Mixer grinder & juicers are among the appliances which are necessary in day to day household activities. Seeing this many mixers-grinders is emerged into the market. If you go to the market for appliances shopping, it very hard to choose best among the sea of the appliance. There are many things which you must consider before going to shop mixer grinder. To solve your curiosity of the best appliance let’s have a look at a few of the best mixers grinder available in the market.

List of the Best Mixer Grinders in India

  1. Bajaj REX 500-watt mixer grinder

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Purchasing mixer grinder can be a hard task as you will be looking for features, design as well as the affordable price so it should be a complete package. Bajaj Rex 500-watt mixer grinder fits well to you expectation as well to your kitchen, Feature of this appliance makes it one of the best among all mixer grinders. This mixer comes with 3 stainless steel multifunctional jars for liquidizing, wet/dry grinding and chutney/dip making. This is best best mixer grinder in India if you are budget concerned person.

Capacity of jars is as follows:

Liquidizing jar is 1.25 liters in capacity, whereas grinding jar is 0.88 liters in capacity followed by chutney making jar made up of capacity of 0.3 liter. These jars come with 3 different size vacuum lids and easy grip jar handler. This contains multifunctional stainless steel blade system with 3-speed monitoring operations to control the speed of process with the power of 500 watts. Bajaj has its brand value and built trust over many years. This brand gives a 1-year warranty on this product and yes, this affordable to and comes under 2000 which is quite friendly priced for any pocket.



  1. Phillips HL1632 500-Watt 3 jar juicer mixer grinder with fruit filter

Are you thinking how so many features can be introduced in one compact appliance?

Yes, you have it all in this compact juicer, mixer grinder plus fruit filter. Phillips mixer grinder cum juicer comes along with three stainless steel jars. You can use these multipurpose jars for juicing, mixing, grinding and pureeing. This mixer comes with a reverse spiral sieve for mixer extraction and unique micro mesh filter. Philips has been producing the best mixer grinder in India. The brand name is enough to trust!

This is a compact mixer grinder so you can store this in less space, it is made by using new technology with easy to use features introduced easily to clean fruit filters, easy to pour and store chambers, different fruit filter to separate seeds. It is made by using a powerful motor of 500 watts, which operates under 230 volts of voltage. Phillips introduced two different techniques for extracting fruit juice, blender jar with the filter for soft juice and a centrifugal juicer for hard fruits.

This includes mixer grinder, blender jar, and spatula, pureeing jar, multipurpose jar and 2 years of warranty by Phillips. You can afford this under the price of 3000 only. So whenever you are in a hurry this juicer mixer grinder is worth for you. This is the best hand blender in India.


  1. Prestige hero 550- Watt mixer grinder

Another on this list is prestige hero juice mixer grinder, which comes in handy and easy to store design. This mixer grinder is equipped with 2 jars of capacity 1.5 and 1 liter made up of stainless steel and vacuum lids. The uniquely crafted blades are also made up of stainless steel which is perfect for all types of grinding whether hard or soft. You can mince, dice or slice your food by using this mixer grinder with more ease. This comes with 2year of warranty given by prestige. You can buy this in less than 2500.


  1. Singer jiffy 500-Watt mixer grinder

When it comes best mixer in India, Singer is the name you can trust and count on. Singer jiffy has introduced shockproof ABS body mixer grinder with 2 stainless steel jar and stainless steel, nickel plated blades for fine grinding and mixing. Singer used new technology with overload protector with anti-slip feet. This appliance is faster, efficient to use with 3-speed control. Singer gives you 2 years warranty and this worth Rs. 1500.



  1. Maharaja Whiteline joy turbo 750 Watt mixer grinder

Maharaja Whitline is another big name in the world of home appliances. Maharaja always comes with their unique, easy to use, affordable appliances with new technology. Maharaja has introduced joy turbo mixer grinder of power of 750 watts, which operates on 220-240 volts of voltage. Maharaja gives you three stainless steel jars for grinding, Liquidizing and chutney making of capacity 1.5 liter, 1 liter and 0.3 liter. Maharaja gives you 2 year of warranty of product and 5 year warranty on motor and this will cost you approx Rs. 3000. I have this one at my home, and I would say that this is the best mixer grinder for Indian cooking



  1. Pigeon torrent 750-Watt mixer grinder

For the best mixer grinder for Indian cooking, Pigeon is another brand to trust. Pigeon is one of the renowned names in home appliance series now a day. This mixer has 3 stainless steel separate jars for three different purposes, this can be used in making variety of recopies. This device automatically shuts down when used for a long time, hence preventing it from damage. It comes with power motor of 750 Watt which operates on 220-240 volts of voltage. This mixer has three blades which help you to grind your ingredients finely. This is reliable, product and cost you 1800 approx with 1-year warranty on product.



  1. Hyundai HMB50W3S-DBF 500 Watt mixer grinder

This is the mixer grinder that can handle your sensible needs with its super stainless steel jars, dome shape translucent lids and sharp blades which help you to grind, dice and mince. This is made by using smarter sensor technology and vacuum foot. Its 500-watt motor operates on 220-240 volt voltage. Hyundai gives you a 2-year warranty on the product just in Rs. 1500.


  1.  Wonderchef 400- Watt Nutri- blend

Makes your life easy and other daily household activities faster with Wonderchef Nutri blend. Now you can make smoothies, juice, and shakes in a matter of just few minutes. This small cute compact blender consumes less space and can be stored in any corner of your kitchen. This is portable appliance which consumes less space than any big, bulky and heavy food processor. This device operates with a speed of 20,000 rpm with power of 400 watt and operating voltage of 220-240 volts and comes with two interchangeable jar of capacity 500ml and 300 ml with lid and seasoning caps and 2 sharp stainless steel blade for both grinding of dry spices and blender for blending fruits and vegetables, Its non-skid rubber footing give it a strong grip to surface. This is easy to use, portable, easy to clean and detachable appliance with saves your lot of time. This Wonderchef little wonder appliance cost you less than 2500. Along with this Wonderchef gives you 1 year of warranty on a product, one recipe booklet and 6 pieces serving glass set.


  1. Morphy-Richards superb 500- Watt mixer grinder

Morphy Richards presents simple and faster to use a mixer grinder in low budget. This set comes with 3 stainless steel jar of capacity 1.5, 1 and 0.4-liter mixer comes with 3 hardened steel blades for perfect grinding and many other purposes, this comes with a motor of 500 watts with 180 degrees 3-speed control technology and overloaded motor protection. This mixer will cost your pocket less than Rs. 2000 with a2 year product warranty.


  1. Signora care SCEP-2911 500-Watt mixer grinder

Signora presents the all new 500-watt mixer grinder for your kitchen. It comes with vacuum suction for anti slip feet, the unique compact design which occupies less storage space. It comes with 2 stainless steel jar and lifts and grind blades. Signora here gives you 1-year product warranty and 3 years of motor warranty in just Rs. 1100.


Hope you enjoyed the tips before shopping a perfect helper for you. Now you have the power to choose wisely according to your pocket. We will be back soon with some new stuff till then. ENJOY SHOPPING..!

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