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How to Fix “Tinder Login Failed” Issue?

In the early days, when there were no apps, no websites, individuals look for their partner offline by approaching them directly. How romantic that was? Nowadays, there come websites and apps on which you can make friends which might turn into a relationship. For example, social media sites like Facebook. Moreover, there are sites primarily created to find partner whether to have a friendship, a relationship and even to have an intimate relationship or for one night stands. You get a different type of people there. All you need to do is to find. This what Dating is all about. There are many dating sites out there, and now they have launched their app as well so that you can access them efficiently on your smartphone. One such popular dating site is Tinder which is very popular finding your love. If you know how to start an engaging conversation with people on Tinder, you can end up finding your soul mate or likeminded partner there.

Though Tinder is great, users are facing issues like “Tinder Login Failed”, “Facebook login failed” while accessing this app on their smartphone. These two are faced by many but other users also reported different errors such as Tinder server error, Facebook login failed, Tinder network connection unavailable, Tinder login failed Android, etc.
If you are one of those people who is facing these errors while using Tinder, then you must not worry because in this post we are going to talk about the solutions.

Tinder Login Failed Reasons and Solutions

How to Fix Tinder Login Failed IssuePhoto Credit: Pexels

  1. Tinder is Down

The very first reason might be that Tinder is down. So, before going to try any other fix, do check whether it is down or not. To check it, check out the Tinder down detector outage map. If it does, then you have to wait for it to start working. If Tinder is not down, then you can check for other reasons and fixes.

  1. Check your Internet Connection

If you are getting Tinder Login Failed or Facebook login failed while accessing Tinder, make sure to check if your phone’s internet is working. If it is not working, then this is the cause, and to solve this, get your internet working. If your internet is working fine, you can check out other causes.

  1. Wifi Network Might be blocking Facebook

When you are using a wifi network that has blocked Facebook access, and you are using Tinder with Facebook login, then you will see errors because due to blocking, Tinder may not access Facebook credentials on your phone, and thus, you will see errors such as Tinder login failed, or Facebook login failed.

To Solve this, either you can unblock Facebook on existing wifi network or connect to another network that doesn’t block Facebook.

  1. Facebook Password Changed

Since we use Facebook on multiple gadgets such as on our phone or computer or laptop, there might be a possibility that you have changed the Facebook password on your laptop, and haven’t updated on the phone. In that case, when you will launch Tinder, you might get the error Facebook login failed. The solution is to login Facebook on your phone with new credentials.

  1. Facebook App Permission

Sometimes accidentally you have removed the Tinder app permission from your Facebook, and that is causing issues. You can go to Facebook >> Manage Apps, and allow App permission to Tinder. It will solve the problem.

  1. Reinstall Tinder

If nothing works, try to uninstall Tinder app, and then install it again. Many times it solves the issue. So, give it a try as well.

  1. Google Play Services is not updated

To proper working of the apps, Google Play services must be up to date. Make sure it is updated. If not, update it manually.

  1. Cache

Sometimes when there are a lot of caches piled up, Tinder may stop working. Thus, to clear out the cached data, go to Setting >> Apps >> Tinder >> Storage. There you will see Clear Data and Clear Cache. Tap Clear Cache, and restart the app.

Final Thoughts

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world, and when it doesn’t work users are frustrated because they want to be available when their partner comes online so that they can talk to them, and make plans.

One thing we would like to tell you that Dating is not just for casual sex or one night stands, you can even get your life partner there. But, this is true that a huge mass of users is only looking for sex on dating websites.

Whatever the reason is, we would like to sure that Tinder works for you all the time. Hope you these tips help.

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