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How To Know How Old Is My Discord Account?

Discord is a fun platform that was initially created for gamers. But this platform now has taken over the internet as people having different interests create different servers. This VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service and chat application has surged in popularity amongst people of all interests. 

At Discord, some servers have millions of members, while some have a distinctively smaller number of members. However, many times you might want to know how old is my discord account? If you are curious about the same and wish to check discord account age, then you just need to follow a few steps which will answer your question of how to check how old your discord account is.

There are many advantages as to why you should know how to find when a discord account was made, as this gives you an idea about the user if it is a bot or a real person.

How Old Is My Discord Account – How To Check?

If you wish to check discord account age, you need to make sure that your developer mode is enabled, and streamer mode is disabled.  Here is how you can do it – 

  • Open Discord dashboard and click on the user settings.

  • Scroll down to ‘Advanced’ and make sure that the Developer Mode is ON.

  • In the User Settings, go to Streamer Mode and Switch Off the Enable Streamer Mode.

Now that this has been done, all you need to do is copy the Discord ID of the account, even if it is your own. If it is someone else’s account, you will need their Discord ID. This can be copied from the right sidebar on Discord. 

  • In the right sidebar on discord, right-click on the name of the user or your username, whoever’s ID and discord age you wish to check. Now click on Copy ID.

  • Go to Discord Hub.
  • Paste the ID you just copied, and follow the instructions given.

That’s it, there you are. This mentions the discord age of the ID you wish to see the age for. How long have I been in discord, becomes a vastly asked question. Other than that, people also wish to know how to find when a discord account was made. This is one fool-proof method which solves the problem if you wish to check discord account age. This method will also give you a lot many details about the user which you might want to check.