iPhone Fake Text Generator Tools

Pranking friends using various techniques is in trend over social media. You must have seen people posting various images of some Facebook status and chats, Whatsapp chats, etc. that are too funny to believe whether they are real.

The thing is most of the time they are fake and created using some tools. Today, I have found a few tools to create fake text generator for iPhones.

You can easily create your own Fake iPhone Text Messages with some most advanced iPhone Text Generator available online. You can upload images to the iPhone text conversation as well. It is very easy to Prank your friends.

It modifies everything in the conversation and gives the most authentic touch to your messages ever.

In this era of technologies, people are looking for some interesting memes on their phones or handbooks, PDA so that they can have fun and entertainment. People are interested in spending their leisure time with their phones. Their phones have some interesting Apps and games which really give an amazing experience to the people and keep them busy. Now a day people are losing face to face conversation with their friends. They use their phone for the same purpose. That is they communicate with their friends with the help of their phones. They convey their messages to each other via text messages. With the enhancement of new technologies and apps, people are now looking for a change and want some different way for having fun with their friends. It can be done with the help of some tools which helps you in generating text messages which are fake at all but looks 100% authentic. Here we are going to suggest some tools of this kind for “iOS” phones.

Since we are using iPhone at large scale these days, I am suggesting you some online tools using which you can create fake text messages and fool your friends. This is the funniest and the weirdest way for having fun with your friends. You can use these tools to prank your friends. Some people are using this for sending fake message and screenshots to their friends and pretend as if they have sent a real message. It looks so real and similar to the actual text message that it is difficult to tell the difference between the two.

So many developers are there with the unique and funny idea of creating apps for i-Phones that have the capability of creating fake text messages by iOS phones. The text messages created by these Apps seem as if they are real and have been created by the real sender. People are using these Apps at a very large scale these days.

These tools for fake text messages have been created with the sole aim of entertaining the people and to prank with friends. Please don’t use this new technology for harming anyone, it is being issued in the public interest. We are here not to harm anyone we are here to have fun with our friends and to whom you like having fun with.

I am sharing a few tools that you can use to generate fake text messages on iPhones

#1. Create a fake text message with

This is an awesome generator. One can generate fake text messages with the help of, which looks 100% authentic and can misguide anyone from making the difference between fake and the original one.

As soon as it is opened it has the option of Settings, Battery, Connection, Messages on the left side of the front screen.

One can use the tools on the left and can build its own fake ios text messages. One can even write an e-message and upload a photo from my desktop and smartphones. This tool is very popular these days.

iphone fake text generator

#2. Create fake text message for i-Phone using

A brilliant text message generator that generates fake text message for phones using “ios”.O.S. It claims to be Worlds first IOS text message generator which is updated and supports ios7 and ios8. Anyone can send fake messages to one’s friends and make him/her fool. If you will use this tool you will be surprised with the ease, it offers for generating text messages for ios phones. Anyone can believe that it is a real generated message. So I’ll suggest you to use this tool for this purpose, but please keep in mind not to harm anyone. It should be used only for entertainment purpose.

 Open Modify your iPhone message and you can modify your text message using this tool. Click on the icons to open the options and tools.

One can select “Type” of the phone

iOS7 or iOS8.

In SETTING one can change its Name, Operator, Clock, Messages, etc. to look like a real generated message. An option for the uploading image is also provided. Some other options are also provided which can be seen below.

iphone fake text generator2

#3. Create fake text message with

An effective tool for generating fake text message for ios phones. Some fields are required to fill in your conversation and choose the type of message (sent or received). You can choose any one of the languages given in the list and can generate the message, but the default language is English.

You can select models of your phone as well which adds more authenticity to your message sent. The models which can be chosen here are ios5 and ios7.

We can also add Name, Time, Network, Message, etc. which really gives the feel of the real message which one has received.

iphone fake text generator3

#4.Generate fake text for iPhones using

“Fake Phone Text” has been now updated and can support ios7 i.e. fake ios7 text message is now available here.

Here high-quality image can be generated with no previous watermark.

A good quality tool which enables generation of quality fake text message for ios-Phones and these messages are able to make its receiver fool.

So you are suggested to use this tool as well for generating fake text. Some options like Battery status, a connection like 3G, Wi-Fi are also provided which really makes this tool effective.

One can use the Editor given on the left side to get started.

 iphone fake text generator4

Verdict – Have fun without harming your dear ones.

Please ensure that you are not harming your friends or to whom with which you are making fun.

If any of your activities will be harmful to your loving one, you will be responsible for the same, and you will “let new technologies down”. So please not let its developers down who have done a tremendous effort for you so that you can have fun.