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Tips for boosting Wi-Fi Signal

Internet has become more of a necessity than a luxury these days. Gone are the days when Internet was a big thing, and only the lucky few selected places had them. Life without the internet in today’s date would be a nightmare if not more. This habit of the internet can be credited to the advent of technology which gave us quick and easy access to the internet. Broadband, SIM card, data dongle are just some of them. The easiest and the most used method of using the Internet is Wi-Fi. Standing for Wireless Fidelity, Wi-Fi has quickly risen to emerge as the most popular choice for accessing the internet over the globe. One of the major reasons for this great acceptance by people is a wireless factor. You no longer have to plug your computer with cables in order to use the internet. You can now do that freely on your computer and your smartphones alike sitting in any corner of the world with Wi-Fi signals. Such is the power of Wi-Fi.

However, using The Internet over Wi-Fi can become quite of a nightmare when you have poor Wi-Fi signals. Bad Wi-Fi reception can ruin your experience of using the internet even if you have a good internet connection. Hence, it is very necessary to have a Wi-Fi router that offers good internet connectivity. Sometimes, though, a router even at its full capability cannot provide you with good Wi-Fi signals. At that point of time, you have to deploy extra measures for boosting Wi-Fi signal. So here we have listed some actionable tips for boosting Wi-Fi signal.

Boosting Wi-Fi signal: How is it done?


If you have poor Wi-Fi connectivity at your home and workplace, there are two simple ways to change that and get a better connectivity. One of the methods is to use a wireless router booster, also known as wireless internet booster, wireless amplifier & wireless network extender to improve the Wi-Fi signal strength. These wireless router signal boosters are pieces of hardware just like your Wi-Fi router in order to extend the Wi-Fi range and offer better connectivity.

Another method of getting better Wi-Fi signal is by using a Wi-Fi booster app. Many such apps are available for you to download from the Play Store for you Android smartphone.

Some easier and more common methods of improving your Wi-Fi signal include relocating the Wi-Fi router to a more suitable position. Placing the Wi-Fi in the center of your house or your workplace can help you in boosting the Wi-Fi signal a lot. Also, make sure that there are no instructions around the Wi-Fi router and the router is not enclosed.

Best Wi-Fi Booster Apps

wifi booster

Wi-Fi booster apps for your phone let you use your Wi-Fi in a better way. However, there’s a lot of confusion about the actual function of a Wi-Fi booster app. So we decided to explain how it works and what it can do and what it cannot.

To begin with, the primary function of a Wi-Fi booster app is to disconnect and then re-connect the phone to the network. Now you might be wondering how will this get you better Wi-Fi connectivity? Doing this will cause the router to switch from an overcrowded channel to a relatively less overlapping channel, giving your phone better Wi-Fi connectivity. Another thing that is reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network will help you do is that if there are multiple routers in the area, the app will connect you to a nearby router with stronger signals. Another thing that Wi-Fi booster apps do is that they make your device function in high-performance mode. This consumes more battery than usual and only works if the device supports it.

So this was what a booster app lets you do. What it cannot do is increase the signal broadcasting strength or the receiving strength. Increasing the broadcasting or receiving strength will require the use of better antennas which is certainly not possible with the help of a software.

Best Wireless Router Boosters

wireless router booster

The incorporation of a wireless router booster will allow you to extend your Wi-Fi signal using. Boosters are nothing but router-like devices, sometimes smaller in size that allows you to extend the Wi-Fi signals to areas that a signal router cannot do. So the placement of a wireless router booster is as important as the placement of a router itself. You have to follow the same rules while placing a booster: place it centrally at a height and make sure it is not enclosed or obstructed.

One you have decided the perfect spot for your router and booster, you can then proceed to select a suitable router depending on its specifications and one that suits your needs.

So this was our article on how to boost your Wi-Fi signal. Leave any queries or suggestion in comments below and stay tuned for more such articles.

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