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Zealspy – True Alternative of Whatsdog

With almost everyone around us using smartphones for more than just calling, our dependence on these devices needs no introduction. Be it, kids or adults, we have our smartphones right from the moment we wake up to the last minute of our day when we’re lying in our beds. With the whole day being spent with these devices, we can perform a number of activities on our devices. While most of these activities are necessary and productive, misuse of smartphones is also constantly on the rise. Keeping an eye on our dear ones and their smartphones are thus necessary. Be it your kids of our partner.

Wondering why this talk about misuse of technology? Well, because today we will be talking about one such app that can help you keep an eye on someone or spy on them using their smartphone. The app is Zealspy, and we’ve reviewed it for you. So let’s get to it. You might have heard about Whatsdog app which is very popular for spying on your Whatsapp contacts. Zealspy is one of its best alternatives.

How to use Zealspy?

To begin with, you’ll have to install the app on your Android smartphone. To do that, click on this link and download the .apk file for the Zealspy app as it is not available on the Play Store due to non-compliance with Google’s policy. Once the .apk file for the app is downloaded, you will have to check the “Unknown sources” option in your device settings by heading into privacy. Then go to the location where the downloaded file is stored and click on it to begin its installation. Once it is installed, launch the app from the app drawer.

Note that you have to install Zealspy on the target phone, i.e. on the phone of the person, you want to spy on. So this is something we can’ help you with, and you have to manage on your own.

When you launch the app for the first time after its installation, you will be asked to agree to their terms and conditions. Check the “Yes, I Agree” box and click on “Accept and Continue.”


The next step would be to register using your email. Not that this is the email id all the data from the target phone will be sent to.


Once you register, you will be lead to the app’s home screen.

Features of ZealSpy App:

Moving on to the app’s features, here are the main features of the app:


1. Whatsapp Chat Logs

A detailed log of who the target has been chatting with including their name and number and also the whole chat log will be emailed to the registered id. You can also get date-time details.

2. Call Logs

Get the detailed call log of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls including the number, duration and time of the calls.

3. Call Recording

You can also get call and surrounding recordings of the target phone.

4. SMS Logs

All the SMS sent and received by the device will be available to you.

5. Mail

This feature will give you access to the most recent 50 emails of the target device’s registered Gmail id. However, you’ll need to know the Gmail id signed in with on the device and also the device’s password.


6. Contacts

The whole contact list of the target phone will be sent to you to your email.

7. Geo Locations

Get to know the locations where the phone and the target have travelled to. However, for this you’ll need to enable the GPS, mobile data and Google location services.

8. Calendar Events

Look through the calendar of the target device.

9. Browser History

Pretty much self-explanatory, this feature will let you see the browsing history of the device.

10. Install App Logs

All the apps installed on the device will be made known to you.

These were some of the features of the Zealspy app but not all. Once you install the app on someone’s phone, you have the choice to activate some or all of the features mentioned above. You can manually decide which logs you want and which one you don’t.

Now you might be wondering what’s the use of installing a spy app on someone’s phone if they can see it? Thanks to the administrator features, you can make sure the user doesn’t find out about the app.

11. Administrator Enable

After enabling this feature, the user won’t be able to delete the Zealspy app or clear this data. If you want to uninstall the app, you’ll have to head to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and uncheck Zealspy from that list.

12. Time Interval

Decide after what time intervals you want the emails to be sent to you.

13. Hide Application

The feature that makes this app a true spy app, the Hide Application feature makes sure that the user doesn’t find out about the app. However, once you hide the app, it will remain hidden forever. When you hide the app, you will also have to set a password which you can then use to launch the app by entering it into the phone’s dialer.



The zealspy app is simply the best and the easiest spy apps out there. The interface is simple to use even for a kid and the best part about the app is that there’s no way the user can find out about it. There’s no paid/trial version, so you get to use all the app’s features without paying a penny. So all in all, if there’s someone you want to keep an eye on and have access to their phone, there’s no better way to do it then Zealspy.