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In this era and time, there are hardly people who don’t watch movies. The digital media has made it easier for people to have access to movies than ever before and that equally had a positive impact on people’s response to movies. The creation of a couple of online moving sites has contributed immensely to the access to millions of movies.

As a movie lover, you may be aware of the YIFY torrent site that was previously used for downloading YTS and YIFY movies until its leader was discovered and found guilty of offering its users illegitimate access to movies. Since the YIFY torrent proxy went dark, movie lovers crave for a new way to download YTS and YIFY movies. There seemed to be no solution in sight despite the proliferation of different sites that were purportedly designed to perform a similar role to YIFY torrent site.

Although tons of sites have promised movie-lovers access to the best quality movie download links but none has succeeded in matching the performance of YIFY Torrent for movie downloading. This reality can be frustrating for millions of movie lovers all over the world.  However, you can still have access to the efficient and dependable YIFY Torrent via YIFY Proxy and thus be able to watch different movies without restrictions. How?

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The YIFY Proxy torrent site is reputed as the best place where you can have access to HD quality YTS Movies as well as YIFY Movies. If you wish to download your favourite movies at extremely fast speed, the site is equally your best option. Sadly, the site is blocked in some countries, and thus millions of movie lovers are denied access to high-quality movies. In this article, we will show you how to bypass the restriction and have access to the movies of your choice through the YIFY proxy.

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy is otherwise known as a proxy server. It is a computer that serves as a hub and has the responsibility of processing requests from multiple users simultaneously. When you make a connection through a proxy server, you can easily send a request to the proxy server while it automatically processes your request and immediately forward the information you need.

Thus, the proxy serves as an intermediary between your computer and other millions of computers on the Internet network. As a result, you can easily bypass any form of restriction placed on whatever site you want to access. That increases your security as it allows you to hide your IP address while surfing the net as well as increase your performance too.

Invariably, with the YIFY Proxy, you can easily override the restriction to the YIFY Torrent proxy and download the best movies without succumbing to the pressure of the restriction. While using the proxy server, your request will first go to the proxy server from where it will be directed to the domain server of your choice. Thus, the request won’t seem to emanate from you but from the server that serves as the intermediary between you and the other servers.

  1. YTS.AG

This website offers you access to a great list of entertaining movies of all genres including adventure, drama romance, action drama, action crime, and what have you.

The website has an attractive user interface and provides a powerful tip that allows you to easily have access to tons of movies you can easily download. When you register on this site, you will never have a dull moment. What is more, the site is pretty fast and makes movies downloading easy for you. This makes it a reputable  YIFY torrent proxy where your identity remains a top secret.

  1. ProxyPortal

This is a great site you should include in your list of the best proxy sites for downloading awesome movies. The site promises to help users fight censorship and “unblock them all.”

With ProxyPortal, you can stay in tune with YIFY torrent regardless of the restriction or censorship placed on it and get the best movies with YIFY movies quality.

  1. YTS

This is another great site. This site boasts of being the only official website for YIFY torrents, otherwise known as YTS. The site allows you to download any movie of your choice in different quality formats such as 720p, 1080p, 2160p, and 3D quality.

Even if you want to use the previous YIFY YTS, you can go ahead and do that since this site has already made provision for that. The site obviously deserves a place on the YIFY Proxy list.

  1. YIFY

TIFY is a cool website that offers you a wide range of movies to access to movies you won’t otherwise have access to due to the restrictions placed on such movies. Your privacy is also guaranteed while you download your favourite movies through this YTS YIFFY Proxy.

On this site, you are not restricted to a movie industry. Whether you are a Bollywood or Nollywood movie enthusiast, the site offers you the privilege of downloading the movie of your choice. You can also choose any genre of movie of your choice to give you a wide range of movies to choose from.

  1. YIFY Movies

YIFY Movies also promises to be a very reliable YIFY Proxy in this YIFY Proxy list with a long list of both new YIFY movies as well popular YIFY movies. So, regardless of your movie choice, overcome all restrictions and give yourself a treat whenever you wish as this website gives you unrestricted access to these sites.

This site also offers you a high speed of downloading in addition to giving you the opportunity to download any movie of your choice.

As a movie lover, the restrictions placed by Internet Service Providers, international network agencies, and some companies on movie lovers shouldn’t be sufficient to deny you the privilege of feeding your hobby: watching movies.

You can feed your passion with the top websites on the YIFY Proxy list and give yourself the unrestricted access to an endless list of movies.

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