10 Best Prank Links to Send to Friends – 2022 {Working Links}

If you are getting bored with your daily life schedule then you have landed in the right place. We always love to enjoy ourselves with friends as well as family among which making fun of them is our favorite activity. These days we call it pranking where we love to see those reactions of our near and dear ones after setting a prank. But now things have changed drastically and we have transformed ourselves digitally and so are the activities. Lots of people are now aware of the normal prank activities which we see in videos and sometimes there are even the chances where your pranks may not work. This is where you need a smarter approach which the prank sites offer. There are many prank sites available where you can have fun with your friends by making them fool. This article will let you know about the 10 best prank links to send to friends. where you can prank friends.

10 Prank Links to Send to Friends For Fun

1. Fakeupdate 

prank links to send to friends fakeupdates

If you are looking to prank your friend from a Window PC then this site can provide prank links to send to friends. All you need to do is just visit this website for creating fake window 10 updates in your browser screen. Whenever your friend will open your browser screen and press enter, the site will display a blue death screen on your browser which will scare him. 

Visit their website to prank friends

2. Create Fake WhatsApp Messages (WhatsApp Prank Link)

create fake whatsapp messages

This is a great way to prank friends but this is not a website but an app named yazzy that will help you creating fake WhatsApp as well as Facebook messages. Most of the pranksters have used this to prank their friends and the reactions were hilarious. This app has many features such as creating fake status on the Facebook, fake tweet or fake hangout conversations. 

Download the Yazzy App to get started.

3. Red Button (Annoying Prank Link)

Do Not Press Red Button

We can bet you this trick will work completely. However, you have to play smartly with your friends. Forward the link of the prank site to all your online friends and ask them not to click on the red button. This will make them more curious to press, which will ultimately make them bound to fall into the trap with you. 

Click here to prank your friends

4. The Maze Game 

The Maze Game

The Maze Game is one of the best prank sites to do online pranks with your closed ones. The game will eventually make your friends cry and punch their computer screens. Initially, it will look like a normal game just like a regular maze game but after some time, it will bring terror and scare the victim. It works its best when the victim is fully unaware of the prank and he or she has never played this kind of game before. 

You can either download the app or play it online. Click here.

5. Love Calculator (Lovely Prank Link)

love calculator

If you are in search of the best prank links to send to friends to make them fool then you should never ignore this website. Love Calculator is actually a very exciting website but to use this you have to register yourself which will enable you to know the secret crushes of your friends. Once you are registered, you can create custom links and send them to your friends. If your friends click the links and type their crushes’ names, you will get notified. This way you can know about the secret crushes of your friends Isn’t it exciting? 

Visit here and register your name.

6. FartScroll (Dirty Prank Link)


When it comes to looking for prank links to send to friends, then FartScroll deserves a prize as it is extremely funny and has the capability to create an awkward moment.  This is because the site allows its users to add fart sounds in their websites. There is a code on the website which you have to use to put on your website. Once done, you have to install and activate TADA and FastScroll plugins. Now your website will make unlimited fart sounds. Whenever any visitor enters into your website and scrolls downward, they will hear endless sounds of fart which makes it one of the best prank sites on the internet. 

Click here and visit the FartScroll website.

Add this script code in your web page:

<script src=””></script>
Now install the FartScroll plugin after the web page has loaded:

// Fart every 400 pixels scrolled in the window

              // Fart every 800 pixels scrolled

              // Fart every 100 pixels scrolled (probably a bit much)

              // Now I'm just adding more examples to make the page longer

              // SO MANY FARTS

              // I should register for this

              // I should register for this

              // Dammit, is taken

              // Alright, that's probably enough examples

7. Greatbigstuff (Troll Prank Link)


Greatbigstuff is another prank website from which you can buy normal things at a weird size. For instance, if you are willing to purchase a pen, the size of the pen will be twice or thrice big than its regular size. So you can troll your friends by buying something from this site. You can also send its website link to any of your friends so that they can also troll others. This makes Greatbigstuff one of the best prank links to send to friends.

Here is the link to the official website of Greatbigstuff.

8. Face in Hole (Funny Prank Link)

face in hole

Face in Hole is a prank website which lets its users put anyone’s face with various funny images. For instance, if you want to put your friend’s face in running tiger or macho hunks or if you want to replace your friends with a superstar’s face, it will help you in doing that. All you need to do is continue to prank friends smartly. You can also suggest these prank links to send to friends to any of our friends if they want to prank someone.

Prank your friends by visiting here.

9. Facebook Scary Prank {Nasty Prank Link}

facebook scary prank

This website will immensely help you to scare your friends. Facebook Scary Prank website exactly looks like a Facebook ghost profile that is indeed very scary. This prank will work effectively on girls, so try this to prank friends and see the hilarious reactions. 

Scare your friends by sending this link.

10. Flash Mind Reader 

The Flash Mind Reader


When it comes to prank links to send to friends then the list is incomplete without Flash Mind Reader. To do a prank through this site, first, you have to convince your friends by saying that this website can read minds. The rules of this game are simple. Ask your friend to choose a two-digit number, then add both digits. Next, subtract what result you have got from the original number. Keep that particular number in your mind. Finally, click on the blue button which will display the answer.

So these are the top 10 prank links to send to friends. All these websites work great when it comes to online pranks. Try all these websites to prank friends and suggest others to enjoy the same. Do you have any other prank site to share? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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